Cat Alliance advocates responsible pet ownership that includes taking you pets health and safety seriously. This means abiding by both Animal Welfare laws and the common law. Both these laws have serious punative laws for adandoment, trapping and destroying of cats.


To be a responsible cat owner you should ensure:

That your cat is desexed and microchipped as soon as possible. We believe 4 months onwards but this is up to your vet to decide. Desexing ensures that your cat is not encroaching your neighbors right to quiet tennancy of their own property and Microchipping ensures that should your cat accidently escape or get lost your cat will be return to you without to much stress to both parties.

Cats should be restricted to your property with suitable cat friendly enclosures. There are numberous kinds of enclosures to be found on the web. If your neighbor is into birds, rabbits or fish they most certainly do not want a cat terrifying or destroying their pet of choice.

You should keep your cat inside especially between dusk and dawn. You can train your cat via food by feeding them in the evening so that they will come inside at dusk and do not allowed them out again until morning. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that you know where you cat is at all times and so that they are not outside your boundry or at risk of illegal trappers. 

If you allow your cat out during the day talk with your neighbors to make sure your cat is not being a nuisance.  If your neighbors cat is coming onto your property we find that water in a spray bottle or hose will soon deter them from wandering into your garden to toilet or chase your cat/s..

If your cat has become a nuisance it can be caught by a ranger and if your cat is identified you will be contacted and be asked to keep your cat inside your property or make an enclosure for it. If your cat is unidentified your cat will be sent to an animal welfare agent and you will only have a couple of days to claim your cat otherwise it will be euthanised very few get the chance to have a responsible owner by being rehomed. With over 13,000 cats being euthanised each year the chances of yours being rehome is slim. Please be responsible and save both you and your cat a lot of heartache.



The Law

New  cat Laws visit : www.dlg.wa.gov.au


Consumer Act states that if a pet cat is trapped and destroyed and it can be proven, the  person/persons responsible is/are liable to a large fine and jail.


The Animal Welfare act 2002 states that if your cat is trapped and destroyed and this can be proven then a $10,000 fine and 5 years jail is the sentence.


Abandoment is also against the law and this carries huge fines and a possible jail term. You cannot leave your pets when you shift or dump them in the bush.


Anti Cruelty laws apply along with State laws for kidnapping or deliberate entrapment of an owned cat which is enforced by the local police.


The Animal Welfare Act 2002 can be read on website: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/wa/consol_act/awa2002








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