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Cat Alliance of Australia Inc, together with other welfare groups, isappealing for money and equipment to build a Stationary clinic followed by mobile veterinary spay and neuter clinic by the end of 2011

The Spay Clinic/Shuttle program will operate with the support of the veterinary profession to provide low-cost high volume desexing to communities around Western Australia.

The clinic will also be able to offer low cost desexing for dogs and cats and the shuttle will be able to service the isolated areas.

We hope you will support our fundraising iniatives in the coming year.

We hope to raise:

1) $250,000 is needed to estabilish and operate our Clinic for dogs and cats and for its first two years of operation after which it will become self funding.

1)  $250,000 to build a mobile clinic with capacity of 3 surgery tables and treatment/surgical preparation facilities to take on TNR in outlying areas including country towns and mines sites.

2) $50,000 for first year of operations towards developing and printing community education and information materials to facilitate Spay Shuttle Clinics

3) Medical/surgery equipment including consumables like sutures and gauze.

In the US, low cost desexing clinics have dramatically decreased euthanasia rates from 17 million in 1980 to 4.5 million in 1995.



Cat Spay Neuter Clinic - 5 Minute Spay Video





Leading the cat pack




13 Jul, 2010 10:01 AM

A GINGER cat from Gormandale underwent a world first mobile surgery outside the Traralgon Veterinary Centre on Friday.

Specialist surgeon Dr Charles Kuntz said it was the first time the specialist surgery truck for cats and dogs had been used.


``Today we are performing a procedure called a `sub total colectomy' to remove faeces stuck in the cat's colon and part of the patient's large colon which was causing constipation,'' Dr Kuntz said while preparing to begin the surgery.


Traralgon Veterinary Centre manager Jane Sultana said normally a patient would have to go to Melbourne for this type of surgery.


``The mobile service means the surgery can be performed locally and the patient receives the post operation care at the clinic, meaning it would never be to far from its family,'' Ms Sultana said.


Dr Elizabeth Moran, who assisted with the surgery, said Jordy the cat was recovering well after the 45 minute surgery and could be home today.


The Spay Shuttle


No, this is not the latest NASA spacecraft, even though it is quite high-tech. It’s the Young-Williams Animal Center’s mobile spay and neuter clinic. Custom built to YWAC’s specifications by LaBoit, the Spay Shuttle is a 33 foot long Class A mobile veterinary facility, There are two surgical stations, so that two procedures can be underway at the same time. Three full-time employees staff the Spay Shuttle, consisting of a veterinarian, a surgical coordinator, and a vet’s assistant. There is also a part-time administrator, as well as YWAC’s full-time scheduler and program manager. Various part-time weekend staff round out the personnel needed to staff this clinic on wheels.




The Spay Shuttle was built at a cost of approximately $250,000, and went into operation in August of 2007. The majority of funds for its purchase were graciously provided by grants from the Lucille S. Thompson Family Foundation and the Aslan Foundation.


Last year, the Shuttle’s staff performed about 3,900 surgeries, or approximatelyt 17 per day of operation on its regular weekly schedule. According to Brian Douglas, YWAC’s Clinical Services Director, this year they expect to increase that number to around 4,700, thanks to increased efficiency. In addition, there are a number of weekend clinics involving the Shuttle, which will increase these numbers somewhat. From the program’s inception through October 2009, over 14,000 surgeries have been performed, including both the regular and weekend schedules. You can appreciate that this has made a significant impact on the number of puppies and kittens born each year.





Sixty Cats in One Day: Alley Cat Allies Improves Lives in Atlantic City


Cats in Atlantic City are getting the neuter services they need, thanks to Alley Cat Allies and our supporters! This Friday, Alley Cat Allies is hosting a low-cost neuter clinic for cats from two targeted neighborhoods: Buzby Village and Belfield Ave. Residents from these neighborhoods are invited to make reservations for their cats – pet, stray, or feral – to be neutered and vaccinated at the clinic. Part of Alley Cat Allies’ Every Kitty – Every City program in Atlantic City, this event is just one of the ways we are following through on our commitment to the area’s cats. Alley Cat Allies Atlantic City Field Coordinator, Amanda Casazza, has been working with caregivers, residents, and management in these target areas to provide education and resources to the community. And it is thanks to your support that we are offering these surgeries at a significantly reduced cost. We will be asking residents to pay $10 for each cat, but will waive the fee for those who cannot afford it. As we all agree, the priority must be getting these cats neutered, so that they no longer undergo the stresses associated with mating and pregnancy, and can lead healthier lives.







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