The PAW Project in Langley park

was attended by 75 dedicated rescue people which we thank them for their tremendous support in trying to highlight and educate people about the 250,000 healthy dogs and cats being euthanised each year . Joe Francis MLA Jandakot was there bright and early and gave a rousing speach and I know we can have his complete support as we move forward with our desex and microchipping  laws for Western Australia.

The PAW being formed on langley park with the city of Perth as back drop


Whilst traveling around giving out leaflets on the PAWProject to petstores, vets, general business and the man in the street I soon come to realised that people did not know that this was happening in there own back yard and most of all where suprised that it was allowed to happen. The most common remark was "why don't they do something".

I had to point out that nobody does anything because its not a vote winner and for something to be done the man in the street has to be informed and more important be motivated to do something. The old system of handing in your unwanted pet just because you can has to be changed and the way we sell out pets has to be brought in line with the rest of the world.  Councils have to be leaders in animal welfare and become proactive not reactive. If you are assigned to do the job of animal welfare it does not end with euthanisia that is a sign of a failed system not a sucessful outcome for the animal.

Joe Francis MLA Jandakot address the rally




South Australia Dog rescue is representing The PAW Project for South Australia. SA Dog Rescue is a registered non profit organization that saves dogs on death row in various pounds, takes in privately surrendered dogs, and helps home elderly dogs into loving homes across Australia

The PAW Project SA event took place on November 14th at 2pm at Bonython Park, Adelaide.


Adelaide had a huge turn out and it showed that people in Adelaide are more attune to the problems that are facing the animals of Australian and they want to make a difference. Good on you people of Adelaide for standing up for those that can't.



Paw print Adelaide






Halfway Home Animal Resuce Inc is representing the PAW project for Victoria.

Halfway Home Animal Rescue Inc. is a registered charitable organisation and an all-breed dog and cat rescue which is staffed by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations that go straight into helping animals in their care. Foster or adopt from Halfway Home today!

The PAW Project Victoria event took place on November 28th at 11am at Queensbridge Square, Melbourne


Go to Paw Project button on our website for Australia wide participation go to  http://www.pawproject.com.au/



 The PAW Project - 14th November 2010 was held

at Langley Park Riverside Drive between Victoria Avenue andPlain Street Perth.

Calling all companies, organisations of individuals to get a group together to help us form our paw print in Western Australia.

Hosted by: Christine Yurovich President Cat Alliance of Australia Inc.

Guest Speakers:

Joe Francis MLA Jandakot

Roz Robinson General Manager Cat Haven




The PAW Project is a campaign to raise awareness about the 250,000 healthy dogs and cats that are killed every year in Australian pounds and shelters.


It is a positive campaign that will move Australia forward in relation to animal welfare.  It is a celebration of animals that have been saved, acknowledgement of Australians that are taking action, inspiring people to adopt and foster companion animals, inspiring people to volunteer and most of all, inspiring people to take action in the form of:


.  Redirecting purchases to rescue organisations

.  Adopting & fostering

.  Seeking information on Oscars law and animal welfare (see under media button for more     information)

.  Promoting No Kill philosophies

.  Supporting the government to alter animal welfare legislation


South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia will be holding a PAW Project event on November 14th at 2pm to create awareness. The event will run for one hour.

It will include:

.  Rescue organisation representative speaker

.  Celebrity speaker

.  Formation of people to form the shape of a paw

.  Media photography of the formation


Animal welfare lacks the access to get the awareness beyond the converted. The PAW Project is a portal for organisations that are taking action in saving lives. The PAW Project is an access for the public to become aware of what really is happening in Australia in 2010.


We will be going overseas as well where the Huffington Post U.S.A has confirmed for publication. An exclusive release will be using the Barbi twins on the U.S side.


The No Kill Nation in the USA has just supported The PAW Project! They have placed a request for their 84,000 fans to visit TPP's facebook page, support us and become a fan. Thats just GOLD!


We will be need some 1,000 people for the day to help form our paw print here in Western Australia. We are currently in the process of confirming our venue. If you are a business, company or organisation or just an individual we would love to hear from you to help us make this a memorable event here in Western Australia. Contact Cat Alliance of australian on caa@iinet.net.au













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