How to protect your cat by making them an indoor cat.

It is tragic when you hear about so many cats being injured on the road and the number who just get lost or disappear overnight.

There is no reason for a cat to be outdoors and many people are finding that not only does it protect their cat it saves them thousands of dollars in vet bills every year from abscess’s, disease and most of all injury whereby a cat scratch from another cat can produce abscess’s costing anywhere between $300 to $900 to be treated or inflict your cat with deadly disease’s such as cat FIV or PIV.

First you can make sure that you have suitable litter facilities one litter tray per cat if possible and try to be kept away from feeding areas but if this is not possible a cover litter tray would be preferred. Scoop your trays morning and night this keeps the house smelling fresh and some cats are very fussy and will not use a litter tray that has already been used.

Provide plenty fresh drinking water. This can be through a drinking fountain or a large fresh bowl of water especially if you are feeding you cat dry food. It is important to have a couple of sources of fresh water so you may want to add another source of water in another location. Replace the water at least every 2nd or 3rd day.

When feeding do not overfeed your cat if they are indoors as they do not expend as much energy as being outdoors and will put on weight very quickly. I know a lot of people leave down a constant source of dry food this can lead to obesity in indoor cats. Make sure you feed two small meals a day and biscuits can be used as entertainment rewards or provide just a sprinkle in a separate bowl. A cat should have 80% of its food protein so read the labels on the food you feed your kitty. Treats for an indoor cat must be used sparingly. Remember calories in must be expended during the day.

So on to entertainment. A good scratching post three levels and upwards is ideal to allow for exercise of running, jumping and climbing.  Scratching post use is all about location so you may have to move it around i.e. in front of a window so they can watch outside activity or in a room that you use for relaxation as they love company and they love it when someone joins in the fun or just merely watch. When picking a scratching post makes sure it has a very heavy base if not you can reinforce it adding weight to the bottom. Your cat has to be able to run up the post without it falling over or if you have some place to put a stabilising tie to the wall.

Cats love and need cat grasses so it is easy to pot up some grass and exchange it when it is starting to look limp or they have eaten the tops off all the blades. You can buy this from any garden centre and get a large indoor pot or even a strawberry pot and put different cat grasses in different slots.  Make sure the pot plant is big enough that the cat can’t tip it over.  Cat plants can be just a decorative as normal green and your imagination is the limits to what you can do with it. Do not have normal indoor plants as many of them are poisonous.

For extra entertainment you can build an indoor fish pond with water fountain and cat grasses surrounding it if you have a tiled area or just get them a fish tank with goldfish in and place on the floor or on a low table with glass lid and place potted cat grass’s around it too create a beautiful entertainment area for them.

There are a lot of games and indoor toys you can buy that will keep them entertained for house. Like the cardboard scratching toy, hidden mouse and rolling ball enclosed games. You can go onto the website and see entertainment ideas for cats by using household products like empty boxes are always entertaining and empty toilet rolls cut in half and pasted on cardboard base in clusters and drop a favourite cat treat in each one is will take them some time to scoop out and eat. Scrunched up paper and cooking foil into a ball is always entertaining or a stick with a ribbon or multiply ribbons tied to the end make an excellent chase toy.

All the rage now is outdoor areas that are enclosed as a cat enclosure so that your cat can get fresh air and sunshine. There are numerous ideas and sellers of outdoor cat enclosures. The most popular is metal framed or lattice enclosure on the side of the house that you never use. Normally access through laundry door or via specially installed cat doors. These can be divided for entertainment by a section of lawn, pavers and a sand pit. Cat grasses and nip in pots or hanging baskets from a large  tree branches makes excellent entertainment and corner hammocks or shelving gives them a high place to sleep or hide.





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