You can donate to help us help you by pursuing our objectives and our goals

Donations can be made by direct deposit : Bankwest  BSB306172 Account 0022512 or send us a cheque to Cat Alliance of Australia Inc 537 St. Albans Road BALDIVIS WA 6171 - We are a registerd charity so all donations are tax deductable. 


Cat Alliance needs people in all areas to assist with rescue of cats and provided temporary homes for cats and kittens until they can be intergrated into the rescue and rehoming system.  We also need foster carers for kittens who have to be bottle reared. These cats will have to be held until the rescue groups can take them in.

If you have the time to spare and a spare room please emails us you details and the area you can help in to CAA@iinet.net.au.



9lives in urgent need of carers.

Kitten season has arrived and we would love to have you on board to help care for the little bundles of joy we will soon have come into 9 Lives Cat Rescue.

And don’t forget the beautiful adult cats we have come into our care at all times of the year that would also like to share your company until they are found a furrrever home.

All cat carers have everything provided for the care of their temporary fur-kids. We also provide 24 hour support for any queries or concerns you may have about your foster kitty.

If you would like to assist us in giving a cat/kittens care until they are re homed please call

9 Lives Cat Rescue on 0409587240



Subject: Desperately seeking foster carers

You can save a life!

Although it seems strange with the sunny weather we've been having, Cat Haven is in the midst of yet another nasty cat flu outbreak and we are facing putting to sleep beautiful, re-homable cats just because they are sneezing! Cat flu is very much the same as human flu (though definitely not transmissable to us!) and simply requires a few weeks of TLC and a chance for some rest and receuperation, something we unfortunately just don't have the facilities for here. That's why our wonderful foster carers can actually save a life simply by caring for a cat for a month. You don't need a big house or any special facilities - the cats honestly won't mind spending all their time in a spare room or laundry if that's all you can offer - anything is better than the alternative!

Consider the situation we were in yesterday; 29 cats showing flu symptoms and only 16 spaces in which to house them. It just doesn't add up.

While you are fostering one of our beautiful kitties we provide everything you need including food, kitty litter and bedding, plus we have a vet on-site 7 days if you do have concerns at any point. We are really quite desperate at this point in time and anyone who can help will, without doubt, be saving an animal's life.

If you are able to assist, please please contact Freedom on 0403 152 991 or 9442 3618. I have attached photos of just some of the cats currently looking for short term care.

Please pass this e-mail on to everyone you can!

Thanking you in advance

Freedom :-)


How can you help?

Report abandonment of cats

You can report any people vacating a premises and leaving their cats behind to the RSPCA as abondonment of a animal is an offence.

Also make sure that until the cats can be collected they stay in the area by putting out food for them and making sure that the RSPCA attends if not call one of the animal shelters for assistance.

This ensures that the cats are not left to fend for themselves. Do not multiply by breeding unchecked and do not cause problems for other people in the immediate area.


Assist those that do not know how to assist themselves.

If your neighbor has cat/s that are breeding and are not desexed print off a brochure (under can we help bottom of the page) and put it into their mail box. This brochure sets out what the problems of indiscrimantly breeding and gives details on how to go about getting assistance to desex their cat/s.

If the person/s is an elderly person or a person with disabilities either mental or physical call your local council's health department (phone numbers listed on Your council your cat and you) for assistance. As there are professional organisations that can assist.


Purchase only desexed and microchipped cats.

Support Desex and Micro chipping by purchasing your cat from an rescue agency who includes these essential requirements in their sale price.

Always support your cat shelters (listed under can we help you) as they have taken the time to rescue and desex their kittens and cats. To keep them doing this wonderful job you have to support them by giving them your first port of call. Do not buy from papers and kitten or cat that does not include desexing you are only adding to the euthanasia rate.


Volunteer where ever you can.

Rescue agents are alway stretched to the limit so if you can spare a couple of hours a week or even only on special functions please support these agencies not only with funding but manpower.


Other ways you can assist.


  • Volunteer at shelters for cleaning and caring for cats
  • Volunteer for nurse maid duties for kittens
  • Volunteer for nursing of sick cats
  • Volunteer for temporary housing when cat shelters are full
  •  Make kitten and cat toys for sale at fund raisers
  • Allocate some time for phone services to assist desexing cats
  • Volunteer for special occasions like sausage sizzles or symposiums only require a few hours a month.
  • Manning stalls in shopping centres that provide information and collection venues.  
  • Contact us if you think you can be of assistance caa@iinet.net.au


If you are that special person.

Volunteer to be trained as a cat rescue person. You will be assigned a mentor and will learn how to humanely rescue cats and kittens in distress. This is a 24 hour 7 days a week call out but is so rewarding and is suitable for a husband and wife team or an individual who has the time to spare.




















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