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by Eliot Rifkin


A local Council Animal Welfare Issue - Feral cats.  How is BCC managing them? We look at the complexity of Cat Colonies from the perspectives of the Council, Cat Rescuers, Cat Trappers as well as a Cat Welfare charity.


Also some new devices aiding responsible cat owners to lessen the risk of native wildlife kills.


4zzz reporter Eliot Rifkin discusses these cat issues with:


● Barbara Jackson President of Wildcats Animal Welfare

● Peter the Possum Man, a cat trapper

● Christine Yurovitch of The Cat Alliance of Australia

● Michael Calver an Associate Professor at Murdoch University in Western Australia



New Cat Laws to be implimented in Nov 2013 in WA




Cat Alliance of Australia is holdings its 5th symposium at perth zoo 24th Novemeber 2012 for further information please check under the symposium button deal with be posted soon.


RSPCA and REIWA launch new pet lease agreement

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 14:45 Tim Mayne


A new pet lease agreement is being launched to address the lack of pet-friendly rental accommodation in Western Australia.

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia has joined forces with RSPCA in a bid to help those with pets who may be seeking rental accommodation.

REIWA Property Manager’s Network, Michelle Aslander, said more and more people are keeping pets for companionship or security and this includes those people who rent.

“REIWA property managers are keen for their landowners to consider to people with pets, and our new pet lease agreement should help with that outcome,” Ms Aslander said.

RSPCA WA spokesman Tim Mayne said the lack of pet friendly accommodation was the second biggest reason as to why people surrendered their animals to the RSPCA.

“If we can find ways to give more reassurance to landowners so they are comfortable and confident about taking on pets, then we can greatly reduce the number of pets that are surrendered to RSPCA or abandoned to the streets,” Mr Mayne said.

Ms Aslander said that landowners were understandably concerned about possible damage, but can now require a $260 pet bond from tenants with pets and any further expenses caused by a pet must also be paid by the tenant.

“Once landowners understand that pet owners are totally responsible for their animals, they tend to feel more relaxed about them. If damage occurs they won’t be out of pocket, especially if the tenant has signed this pet lease agreement.”

RSPCA spokesman Tim Mayne said that most pet owners were responsible guardians and greatly appreciated landlords who were understanding and supportive.

“This pet lease agreement is a great step forward and helps spell out the responsibilities for pet owners and will hopefully provide many more opportunities in the rental market for those people who really do take care of their animals,” he said.

If landlords would like further information about the new pet lease agreement they can contact REIWA on (08) 9380 8222.




First Getting To Zero (G2Z) workshop a success!

June 29, 2011

Getting to Zero Workshop Sydney

NSW Parliament House, Wednesday 18 May 2011. Workshop report from G2Z. Actions you can take at end.


http://www.g2z.com.au/ (under construction)


“The Getting to Zero (G2Z) workshop for Sydney was attended by about 90 people representing a variety of roles in companion animal welfare: shelters; pounds; rescue groups; elected councillors; council companion animal officers; animal law activists; animal behaviour experts; policy specialists and individuals.

Throughout the day, key points from participants were noted. At the conclusion of the day we collated ideas and suggestions that would help rehome more companion animals. These will help to create a ‘blueprint’ that will help Sydney get to zero euthanasia of healthy companion animals.


There were relatively simple practical and policy actions that could be put in place in the short or medium term; suggestions regarding changes to legislation that would be helpful; and some matters noted as being arguably part of the overall picture but which would require separate research and consideration. Rather than be overwhelmed by what can’t be done, the focus was on what can be done.


Participants agreed to share contact details so they could pursue networks and exchange ideas. Many new contacts were made on the day. There will be a Getting to Zero website launched in the coming weeks that will feature resources for the sector to use, as well as listing useful contacts for states and territories.


Many of the actions listed below are already in place in some services; some represent actions that can be taken by individuals; and some are not going to be applicable to every type of service. They are listed in no particular order and all will make a contribution to ‘getting to zero’.


ACTIONS – short and medium term


• Counsel people surrendering pets on alternatives, or at the least try to buy time if the shelter/pound is full

• Challenge ignorance of animal welfare: the community needs to understand the realities of what is happening to companion animals

• Support the Member for Sydney’s notice of motion to establish a select committee to inquire into the welfare of companion animals: visit your local state Member of Parliament and tell them why they should support the motion; tell others about the motion and ask them to do the same. MPs need to understand

this is something the community wants and the animals need

• Also ask your local councillors to lobby their local state MP to support the motion: it is in councils’ interest that the situation for companion animals is improved; apart from charities it is councils who incur the financial costs of pet homelessness

• List vets who practice early age desexing on the G2Z website

• Post research articles that prove the safety of early age desexing on the G2Z



• Use the G2Z website & make it social network friendly

• Rehome via vets (benefit to them is it creates new clients)

• Rehome via ethical pet stores (make sure animals are desexed first and check adoption procedures)

• Make sure you portray your companion animals as healthy and happy: don’t market as sad shelter pets but loving friends waiting for a home. The more people see shelter dogs as an attractive option, the less demand there will be for puppy farm dogs thus reducing that market

• Ask your community for help; whether it is volunteering, donations or pro bono

work, don’t be afraid to ask

• Councils: get involved in Op Cat desexing program with Cat Protection, or start your own discount desexing program

• People looking for discount desexing can be referred to Cat Protection, AWL or

RSPCA, or check the National Desexing Network website www.ndn.org.au

• Start a foster care program: it not only expands your pound’s capacity, it helps to socialise animals and it can act as a ‘trial’ for pet ownership

• Pounds should look to work with rescue groups: you can select who you work with, make sure they’re good. Specialised breed rescue groups are particularly

good for assisting with rehoming pedigree animals as those rescue groups have good networks of people looking for/experienced with that breed

• Insurance: make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for your volunteers

(including off-site as needed) as well as comprehensive public liability insurance

• Invest in environmental enrichment rather than paying for rehab later. Try treat- balls, toys, Feliway/DAP, music, T-touch, Thundershirts

• Use volunteers to work with you to train your dogs to be confident and non- aggressive; obedient; make sure they can walk well in ‘the real world’ – eg the Open Paw program www.openpaw.com this program is very simple and delivers excellent results for the dogs as well as proving fulfilling for volunteers

• Educate the community about encouraging pet-friendly accommodation

• Assist renters with creating a pet résumé (Cat Protection has guidelines you can use but there are also others widely available on the internet)

• Advocate for legislative change to the Strata Schemes Management Act to disallow blanket pet bans and to put the onus on owners corporations to show why a pet is refused and make these decisions subject to independent review

• Advocate for legislative changes to the Residential Tenancies Act that do not discriminate against pet owners while still providing reasonable protections for


• We ask that the NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Committee continues to pursue the matter of pet-friendly accommodation

• Councils: make sure your constituents are aware of where their local pound is, what it does, and what animals are available for adoption

• Leadership from Councillors: set policies; find engaged staff and colleagues to pursue them

• Councils can set policy and practice guidelines with a pound as a part of their

contract, don’t have to follow standard pound practice, eg can elect to have animals held longer than minimum period required by law; can elect to pay for desexing prior to adoption

• Educate community about microchipping and the importance of keeping contact details up to date


• Use ‘petfests’ (refer Holroyd Council) as a way to educate community on responsible pet ownership and make sure you offer free/discount microchipping on the day and provide a means for people to update or check microchip details

• Put pets of the week on your council’s website; use local newspaper columns to

promote pets & responsible pet ownership

• DON’T FORGET OTHER ANIMALS: rabbits, guinea pigs, etc – they need homes too

• There are MPs and Councillors who are demonstrating positive leadership in

animal welfare: Don’t forget to thank them!

• CUPS (council network) to keep G2Z on its agenda as a standing item

• Geographic networks to focus on particular areas


ACTIONS – longer term


• Research: what are the reasons for people not desexing and registering their pets? (registration data for cats shows the majority (c95+%) of registered cats are desexed. The law requires pets to be registered so obviously many people are

not abiding by existing law)

• Importance of data collection, consistent terminology and making information public

• What about free-roaming cats?




• Companion Animals Act doesn’t make it easy to help cats

• Strata & Residential Tenancies acts must be reformed to end discrimination against pets/pet-owners

• Mandatory desexing prior to sale or transfer except for registered breeders

• Regulate internet sales

• Harmonise laws affecting animal welfare between states and territories (eg internet sales regulated in one state will continue if not regulated nationwide) – refer to SCAG or COAG


Most importantly, don’t stop trying, don’t be disheartened and don’t forget to look after your own wellbeing 


Thank you to AWL Queensland for their work developing G2Z; to the Member for Sydney, Clover Moore MP for her continued support of animal welfare and for hosting the G2Z workshop; to Eva Cox AO for facilitating the workshop; and to the Member for Camden, Chris Patterson MP for his interest and support.




IT'S HERE! The calendar Houndstooth Studio have created for 9 Lives Cat Rescue is now on sale. Each Calendar is A3 in size, spiral bound and runs from July 2011 to June 2012 -plus it features all the kitties who won a place in the 9 Lives photo comp.

Payment needs to be made prior to making your and a bulk order will then be placed. Ea...ch calendar is $29.95 which includes postage. Please email your Name, Address, Postcode, Phone Number and how many copies of the calendar you would like to info@9livescatrescue.com.au and transfer your payment to:


9 Lives Cat Rescue

BSB: 086-420

Account Number: 19-733-9592

Their ABN number is: 47 352 896 624  




A large proportion of semi owned and feral cats come from sold or rental properties.  Real Estate agents, when dealing with rental and sold properties, are not ensuring that the animals, cats especially, that are owned by the previous renter or owner are settled as part of the property. Because cats (and dogs) are “chattel” under law it should be dealt with under the normal procedures of sale of a property and in a rental case during the closing of one rental agreement prior to making another. Abandonment of animals is against the law and has to be reported to the RSPCA.


Cat Alliance of Australia Inc (CAA) field on average four calls per day from people who have bought or rented a property and find that they have been left with unwanted cats; mostly with kittens and the occasional dog. We have sent out a letter to RIEWA and State Housing Dept to ask them to distribute our letter to all their employees and members which highlights this problem and gives them all relevant information on how to deal with this problem and all contacts ready for use. Both bodies have been totally supportive and have sent this out to all their members and associates.

You the public can also help stop the cycle of abandon cats by reporting those that abandon their animals and ring any of the people under our "can we help" button to collect the animals.


Two of a group 5 semi owned kittens ready for rehoming.



The Animal Justice Party is an Australian political party that represents the rights of animals across the country.

AJP have commenced the registration processes at the state and territory levels with the intention of contesting elections in the jurisdictions in the future.

for more information go to http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=144515585582650

or email: justice@animaljusticeparty.org



9 Lives Cat Rescue Number Plate Surrounds


Got a hard to buy-for relative? We're now taking orders for number plates frames featuring the 9 Lives colouring and logo! Add a bit of colour to your car while supporting a good cause - frames are $20.00 and postage is free for those in Perth Metro ($7.95 postage for other Aussies).


If you're interested, please contact us at enquiries@9livescatrescue.com.au



9 Lives Cat Rescue Phone: 0409 587 240


9 Lives are also looking for donations of goods to sell at the stalls on market day if you have books, toys, potted plants or any cat products please contact them. 0409587240.




WildAmbo was created out of concern for helping people and animals. Be it Wildlife or Domestic Creatures.

Help has not always been available for those members of the community who do not drive or have no other means of rendering help for an injured, sick or distressed creature.

After hours and public holidays can pose the biggest problem for those people and animals.

WildAmbo has been created by a Highly Experienced Wildlife Carer  and an Experienced Animal Carer.

We understand a person’s distress and concerns, most of all we strive to give the utmost care.

Our Ambition is to ensure the quickest release of suffering and worries. We also want to help community members by educating knowledge on how best to self-help in handling and helping found animals.


WildAmbo’s Extra Services

We can also transport pets only (no   humans) to and from Veterinary Clinics for emergencies and general transport to such Clinics. This service is for the   Elderly pet owners or any community member that can not transport their pets themselves. 

Arrangements of Veterinary Services  Fees must be made prior transporting.

WildAmbo’s service fee is strictly fuel costs donations as small as $5.00 one way.               

We operate on a fuel, vehicle and phone cost donations as small as $2.00 for call outs. It is not compulsory but we would appreciate the help to make our service available at all times.

We operate 24 hours /7 days a week. Our service is offered to Kwinana and Rockingham Shire Areas.    

Our Education Sessions              

Information Community Get-together Sessions on getting to know our Local Wildlife plus tips on how to care and handle them. Sessions are organized by phoning Barbara on 9439 6001 daytime      

or  Email: WildAmbo@surfbirder.com

Marilee on 0450 782 061



We are launching a new fundraiser. Instead of the usual chocolates we are

going to sell Krispy Kremes! No Perth doesnt have a Krispy Kreme but we

can get our little paws on some to raise money for the kitties.

...For this we need to get orders before we can purchase them. We will then

have them in a central location once they arrive for pickup on the day of delivery so you get them extra fresh!

Please register your interest by emailing us on ninelivescatrescue@yahoo.com.au

You have the choice of the following:

(there are no limits on orders)

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed™ doughnuts by the dozen (12 pack) - $20.00

Classic Assorted pack which includes a pre-selection of 6 x Original

Glazed, 2 x Choc Iced, 2 x Choc Sprinkles, 2 x Strawberry Iced

doughnuts - $25.00


Prisoners lend a hand at Cat Haven

A group of female prisoners are participating in a novel program to help them reintegrate into society by caring for homeless cats at Cat Haven shelter in Shenton Park.

The six female prisoners from the Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women visit Cat Haven every Friday to help clean cages, top up food, wash food bowls and interact with the cats.

The program has the support of the Department of Corrective Services, which was instrumental carefully selecting the minimum security prisoners.

Cat Haven spokesperson Jessica Reid said the shelter was impressed with the hard work the prisoners have put in to the program.

"We are a not for profit charity that relies heavily on the work of volunteers to support homeless cats and the hard work of these women is really helping us make a difference," Ms Reid said

Boronia Pre-Release Centre for Women community activities officer Peter Smith, who accompanies the prisoners on visits, said the program was a great way to rehabilitate and socialise prisoners.

"It doesn't faze the women that some of the work can get dirty, they just roll up their sleeves and get stuck into it," Mr Smith said.

According to Mr Smith, the bonding has proven cathartic for the women and was also vital for socialising the cats.



Alley Cat Allies Speaks Out on Anti-Freeze Legislation

Cats and other animals are too often poisoned by antifreeze—a toxic

substance with a sweet and appealing taste to animals. A bill in New

Hampshire this past year, H.B. 431, required that a bittering agent be

added to antifreeze and engine coolant so that this dangerous substance

loses its tempting taste to cats and other animals. Alley Cat Allies and our

supporters in New Hampshire spoke out in favor of the bill to help protect

the local cats. Eventually, the bill was set aside in the Commerce and

Consumer Affairs Committee, but Alley Cat Allies continues to educate

people about the advantages of bittering agents in antifreeze and to

support this piece of legislation, and others like it, in order to protect cats




The story of a single mum and her son's fantastic effort to rescue lost and found pets in her own words.

I have always loved animals, ever since a young child with my 2 sisters and brother would take in strays and wildlife but our parents wouldnt let us keep them all so we had to find rescues to take them to, so I have always known about rescue. My nan on one side I have been told by my dad would come home with stray dogs occassionally and my nan on the other side came from a farming background and when we were growing up used to love going down to margaret river to her farm where she would take in peoples unwanted coloured sheep/lambs of all different breeds and then spin their wool and knit....a few had to be bottled raised. I started rescuing dogs about 7 years ago, I had to buy them out of my local pound then I guess it just spriralled from them knowing how many dogs were being put down just in one pound and knowing that there was a pound in every council area. Took in a few dogs mates had heard about then found SAFEPerth and volunteered with them for about 18 months.

I then started Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue and have been running that for about 2 and half years...time flies! Being a single mum with a now 11 year old we are slowly winding down rescue due to other commitments (plus money) but Im always trying to think of other ways to help the animals and bring rescues together. I tried the animal rescue forum that I set up for all rescues to use and discuss/communicate between each other and for people looking for a certain type pf pet but it never took off. I then saw the big response on facebook to people wanting to rehome dogs and being on desperate pets mailing list I knew something was needed to bring everyone together to match animals in need to new owners but I also saw that they allowed backyard breeders to post on the facebook sites, which I have a strong dislike reading so I prefer not to have to go on those sorts of groups and pages. You see all the advertisements on online websites wanting to rehome and in the news papers also but then your competing with backyard breeders again and I just thought why not create a group where people can spread the word through all their friends about animals needing homes that are free to good home, its free, easy to use (upload pics and share stories), if all rescues join and invite their friends then there is alot more positive influence on people adopting free to good homes to have them sterilised an also encourage not to go to backyard breeders/petshops ect and instead rescue either privately or via a rescue group. Pounds can post, vets, private owners and rescues can ask for help and promote dogs that have perhaps not been adopted quickly or are in urgent need of care all in one place but we can control it by not allowing backyard breeders/petshops and puppy farmers to post. You can put all sorts of information about events and stories that relate to animals in WA and share it and its all at a click of a button and yor including the community by them being able todo the same and have a say. Theres so many people out there that own animals and many are on facebook so why not utilise that to send messages out there to pet owners about responsible pet ownership, asking for volunteers and adopting not breeding or supporting backyard breeders and getting the community more involved by sharing and networking information from one place not to mention most importantly giving these animals more exposure and a chance of finding the right home easier. There will always be animals needing new homes as peoples circumstances change, people pass away, relationship break ups, people lose their jobs or get sick so we have to help those animals and rescue cant always fit them in...now we can get the word out there easier in WA....and thats basically how it came about.


Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue

0405 164 598

Kenwick WA


WA Animal Rescue Resource Forum

EMAIL: wa.animalrescueforum@gmail.com

Perth Pets In Need- Facebook Group

Join us on Facebook to help WAs pets that need our help

WEB: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=161490752060#!/group.php?gid=102309459819689






A Rainbow in heaven.

It was a sad day yesterday when we were advised that Rainbow who was renamed Tiki by her new owner had been mauled to death on her front lawn by two roaming dogs whislt she waited for her owner to come home. This beautiful cats was a angel and we who knew her will sadly missed her.

We have put her story below so that you can appreciate what a struggle she had in life and sadly in death.

The thank you note sent to her rescuers will explain her story.

To Darren and all those at the Metal Work Shop at ChallengerTafe Rockinham

Thank you for saving my life and helping me through what was the darkest days of my life.

Being a pregnant cat at 4 months and kittens at 6months I was thrown away like a piece of garbage.

With a litter of kittens to feed no shelter or food there were times when I thought I would not make it.

Especially when I had an accident that displaced my back leg from my spine.

I could not walk but only crawl but still managed to care for my kittens.

That’s when help came at my most critical time. Even though it was touch and go for a while and I spent months in confinement to heal my spine.  I am at last well and happy and could not wish for a better life.

So I have written you a poem of thank you.

Thank you for the gift of life;

You didn’t have to do it.

You have a good and gracious heart,

But then, I always knew it.

Even though I was in my darkest days

You showed me love and care

For me and my small wee family I knew you would always be there

In so many thoughtful ways

You help us through the days

Feeding me and my ragged crew and brought use help when no one else knew

Now that I am well and my babies all have homes

I think of you

With fondness and with pleasure;

Your gift of life is the greatest, but even more,

It’s your thoughtfulness I treasure.

And a very special thanks to Isobell Griggs in Rockingham for collecting me in her forever loving arms that have held and nursed so many of Rockingham Strays.

And to Gwenda at the Pet Doctors in Bibra Lake and her charity call Rainbow Bridge who helped to nurse me back to health.

Now gone but not forgotten...



Omo survives 40 minute wash cycle


Imagine a busy house hold with children and a lots of washing to do and a very frisky kitty who just wanted to play.

Omo along with his sister where rescue kittens being fostered until they recovered from cat flu.

To a playful kitty a front loader with washing looks like a fun place to hide and you have gone off to attend to  a child in need. You finish loading close the door and turn on the machine and go off to attend to your household chores and your children

What could be more horrifying than when you take the washing out to the cloth line and find a limp black kitten in amonst the clothing.

Frantic phone calls for help and a mad race to the vets. What ensured was some pretty touch and go times and some frantic work to keep him alive but Omo had a strong will to survive .

Dispite his ordeal "Omo" who of course was named after his near fatal adventure is happy and healthy and like all kittens his age looking forward to someone to love and care for him.

His carer said "Omo in particular needs a really special home. By freak accident about 3 weeks ago Omo endured a 40min delicate cycle in a front load washing machine. He defied the odds and has amazed both the Vet and myself pulling through with no problems whatsoever. It appears he has used up all his 9 lives in one go but now needs a truly special home."




PAWS (People & Animal Welfare Society) is a non-profit organisation promoting community welfare through Ahimsa (non-violence) and is largely staffed by volunteers.


Our Community Resource Centre provides a one-stop shop for any true aspiring environmentalist with a cruelty free shop and café. We also run a food distribution program Monday to Fridays, demonstrating the ability to help one living being with out harming another in the process.

We also have pet products including vegan cat and dog food and treats, and environmentally friendly pet shampoo.

Address: 120 Beaufort St Perth

Website:  paws.org.au

Ph: 9228 2435


Hi everyone its those fabulous "Entertainment Books" for charity

It’s that time of the year again when charities and not for profit organisations send out information regarding this year’s Entertainment Book.

Whilst the book doesn’t come out until mid-May, many groups start to take pre-orders for them now. So we are hoping that you can help us not “miss the boat”, and get some pre-orders, from work colleagues , neighbours, book group members or friends and family. 

All the details, and can be emailed or faxed into us.

If you can sell 10 books, you’ll receive your own Entertainment Book completely free of charge (valued at $65) , and at no cost to Cat Haven either! The Entertainment Book people have made this generous offer, so we hope it maybe a  little incentive to help get our book numbers up.

If you need any further information, or help, drop me an email or give me a call.

Kind regards

Roz Robinson

Operations Manager

Cat Haven, 23 Lemnos St, Shenton Park WA  6008

tel 9442 3677, fax 9442 3636






If you could foster a cat or kitten for the Rainbow Bridge Fund over Easter, could you please phone 94342243 (Bibra Lake) all you need is a spare room or space to keep the cats/kittens indoors. They will provide food, tray, litter and food bowls.

The Rainbow Bridge Fund is a registered non-profit charitable organization that has been set up with the primary objective of rehabilitating and rehoming stray dogs and cats (and also other stray domestic pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs). A major secondary objective of the fund is to become involved in education of the community in areas of animal welfare.

Veterinary practices are constant recipients of unwanted animals. This happens because of owners relinquishing animals they cannot afford to treat, because the public brings strays to us, and because many are literally ‘dumped on our doorstep’.

The fact that these animals are frequently sick or injured compounds the dilemma of what to do with them. Unfortunately, many vets have to put financial considerations first, and the animals are euthanased. No veterinarian or veterinary nurse ever wants to do this.

The aim of the Rainbow Bridge Fund is to create a viable alternative to this unnecessary loss of life, and furthermore, to ensure that these strays become cherished and healthy pets who will never be faced with the prospect of a ‘financial’ compromise of health, or life, for the rest of their lives.

We are always looking for sponsors and volunteers to help with caring for the stray animals, fund-raising, advertising and spreading the word about homeless strays as far and wide as we can, to increase their chances of getting “forever-homes”. We have an Email contacts list with the latter objective in mind, and invite people to go onto the list so they can pass on the stories of animals who need homes to their contacts.

Anyone interested in sponsoring, participating in, supporting, or contributing to the Rainbow Bridge Fund can contact the committee chairman (Gwenda Williams) on gwenda.w@rainbowbridgefund.com.au



Call for help from Cat Haven


Massive cleanup operations have commenced at the Cat Haven badly damaged by the storms although no cats have been injured some had to be shifted from flood damaged accommodation..

Roz Robinson says they have flooded sheds, an a pond for a car park, and damage to property including losing a lot of carry boxes which they use for foster carers and their pick up serivce.

They are putting out a call for :  

If anyone can donate carry cages new or used they would be gratefully accepted.

They are in need of linen like any old towels and linen so it might be a great time to clean out your linen closet and put those old towels and sheets to good use.

They are also in urgent need for long term foster carers (up to a mont) to take on older cats recovering from "flue" if you can help ring Freedom Bradbury on 94423618. Food littler and bowls are provided all you have to provide is a loving environment and lots of TLC to help their recovery. 



An Ark Angel

Raymund Wee, the founder of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Singapore and now Malaysia, visited Perth last week.  I had the privilege of meeting with him and listening to some of his amazing stories of animals rescued from places dark with grief and hopelessness for most of the animals take into his care.


As he spoke I came to realise this was a man with a will of steel determined to do right, where so many others with bigger budgets and greater manpower have failed. He has the courageous soul, deep compassion and determination that is needed to keep going when all seems lost, especially when battling organisations and people (supposedly in the same industry) who should know better but don’t, so-called animal welfare organisations which project one face to the public and another face to the animals.


Death, because an animal is sick, injured or unwanted, is not an option for Raymund and it is extremely difficult for both of us to understand how, at most shelters it was, and still is, the first option.


Raymund can accurately be described as a dedicated animal welfare champion.  Selling up his $1.5 million shophouse Raymund transformed Noah’s Ark into one of the foremost private animal shelters in Singapore.  Fuelled by his fight for the strays of Singapore he poured his heart and soul into Noak’s Ark and those animals fortunate enough to find themselves in his shelter have freedom, and are treated with the respect and the dignity they deserve, as opposed to the horrors of many a shelter under the auspices of other animal welfare agents.


Raymund continued to work to bring in the much-needed funding to help run the sanctuary but he also attended to the day-to-day running of the animal farm and looked after the animals when they fell ill.


This venue became a favourite Sunday venue to which Singaporean families flocked to enjoy the animals and the serenity of the park, and where children were taught animal bonding and where, most of all, they learnt compassion and respect for all animals.


Above: Raymund at Noah’s Ark in Singapore getting a helping hand

from his strays to feed the ducks.


Raymund has now moved on to Malaysia where he has again set up a shelter built on 10 acres in Pekan Nenas, complete with lotus pond, fruit trees and a resort like setting.  Most of the dogs are free roaming and the cats are kept in the cattery. Raymund also rescued some racehorses which would normally be put to sleep when injured or unfit to race and they now roam the sanctuary.

The shelter houses over 1000 animals - abused, abandoned, stray dogs and cats, all looked after by Raymund and his dedicated volunteer workers.  Raymund is a trailblazer in animal rescue, light years away from normal shelters, and one can only aspire to duplicate a portion of his achievements.


Raymond feeding the kangaroos here in Perth.

As I said my good bye I could not help feeling a little dwarfed by the magnitude of this man’s achievements and humanity in having built such a wonderland for the animals out of his great compassion and love for them.

Christine Yurovich


Cat Alliance Australia Inc.



  ‘Trouble’ In the Wall Space!

On February 2nd we received a phone call from Cat Alliance Australia regarding a mother cat that had decided having her kittens in the roof/wall space of a house in Maida Vale was a good idea. The owner of the house had been advised by the local ranger (who said they were not equipped to deal with cats), to contact Cat Haven. However when three days had passed with them not responding to her message she then contacted Cat Alliance.

The main concern was the safety of the kittens as the weather was going to heat up on that weekend, they were in an extremely small space that was becoming unsanitary due to their waste and they were more cats that would go on to breed even more cats and so on if not rescued and homed responsibly.

One of our officers went out to assess the situation and found it to be a difficult one. The space the mother cat had squeezed into was under tin roofing that was bolted down to large jarrah support beams. This required a roof expert to come and lift the tin so we could gain access to the area. This was arranged for 5pm the following day.

In the meantime we felt that we did not possess the resources to deal with the situation and contacted the RSPCA WA in the hope that with their experience and resources in these matters, they would be able to help. We were assured that an inspector would be sent out on the Wednesday and that they would contact the owner of the house. Upon checking that things were going to plan, I phoned the owner only to be informed that because the roof repairman was not able to make it until 5pm that day, the RSPCA WA could not send anyone out as it was after hours. The kittens would just have to wait. Dissatisfied with their lack of commitment to these animals welfare we decided to return that evening, once the roof had been lifted, and do the best that we could do.

Once we had gained access to the hole in the roof that the kittens were in, we were faced with more issues. We could not reach down far enough to get them out and could not get a straight line into the hole to get a net or other apparatus down to them. We were not sure how many were down there but we certainly heard one of them meowing up a storm! Once we got the torch in there we could only see one kitten. Knowing that there was definitely more than one kitten there the day before, we could only assume that between the time the roof man had been there and we had arrived, mum had been ‘spooked’ by all the activity and moved the other kittens to another location. Either this little one was left behind or we had interrupted her in the process. This meant that we couldn’t risk that this little one may not be picked up by mum later so we went about making a plan.

The only way we could get to the kitten was through the wall. Understandably the owner was reluctant to cause damage to the house but it seemed there was no other choice so we sought help from the professionals!

We travelled to the Welshpool Fire Station at 8pm that night and told them of the situation. Being the kind people they are, they got in their trucks and followed us to the house in question. They assessed the situation and came to the same conclusion we did so out came the tools and the holes in the wall started, all the while with a hungry kitten wailing on the other side.

Within 15 minutes and careful drilling and cutting, out emerged a little tabby and white, 2 week old kitten, crying her lungs out and wanting food. Upon inspection she was perfectly healthy and the fireman who pulled her out dubbed her ‘Trouble’ after all the commotion she caused.

Trouble is now nearly 5 weeks old and thriving! The whole from which she was rescued has been patched up and the roof repairman donated his time and resources as it was such a worthy cause. Mother cat has recently been spotted under the house with her other two kittens and we are in the process of getting them too so we can reunite the family and end one more cycle of breeding in this area.

A big thankyou needs to go out to the Welshpool Fire Station for their compassion. Trouble will be ready for a ‘forever home’ in 3 weeks and hopefully we can say the same for her siblings very soon.

Natalie Mason


9 Lives Cat Rescue




Community Cats

Michelle Williamson from Pet Rescue has just launched a fantastic program called "have you got a secret cat" on website www.communitycats.com.au

This project is aimed at getting the public to realise they are one of many who are feeding a stray cat. This is really no big secret as many as one in four residence have a secret cat but the problem with this is that cat is probably not sterilisated and this is what this campaign is all about.

Community cats should be cared for and looked after just as you would your family pet. They should be fed, sterilised and vaccinated. "Not my secret cat I could not catch her" I hear you say but on this website is all the help you need to understand what is best for your "secret cat" and how not to make its offspring just another euthanisia statistic.

Please take the time to visit this website and take advantage of all it offersyou and your "secret cat".





9 Lives Cat Rescue

 Feline Foster Carers Needed

If you’re a cat lover and want to help the stray, abandoned and orphaned cats of Perth then please consider opening up your heart and your home to foster a cat or kitten.

As a foster carer you would look after a cat or kitten/s until permanent homes are found.

All food, bedding and medical needs are provided for so the only cost to you is your time and love.

To be a foster carer you need to meet the following criteria:

- Have previous experience with cats, (although not essential)

- Own your own home or if renting, provide a letter from the land agent stating that you are permitted to have pets.

- If you currently have pets they must get along with cats and have their vaccinations up to date

- Your current animals must be sterilised

- Be willing to allow prospective owners to visit the cat with a 9 Lives welfare officer at a time that suits you. 

Please call Nat on 0409587240 if you are interested or for further enquiries



Western Australian’s Unauthorised Cat Trapping Epidemic


Vigilantes, bird and rabbit breeders are hiring and setting illegal cat traps to trap domestic cats.  These traps are hired through outlets which have no instructions for the humane use or safety and return of the trapped animals.  It is assumed, based on evidence from the United States, that people who trap cats are not trapping for humane purposes but purely for vindictive reasons or for the purpose of eradication.  Here in the city there are well over 160 traps set daily and, because of the small number of animals handed to the cat haven, it can be assumed that most of these cats would have been destroyed by drowning or suffocation, given that you cannot use a gun within the city limits.


Because of the lack of training in animal welfare and the driving motivation on behalf of the people trapping, we would have to assume that these cages would


be left out rain or shine with some days’ temperatures during summer reaching 42 plus degrees. We would also have to assume cats are left for long periods of time and that the trapped animals are very likely to be injured trying to escape the cages.  And, as mentioned above, if these cats are not being handed in they are undoubtedly dying long and terrible deaths.


We have contacted over 30 outlets, not including councils, which hire or sell “cat” traps all without instructions and all not wanting to know what happens to the caught cat.  In having discussions with each and every one it seems they are very willing to assist me to set a cat trap and have been providing this service for years without being vetted or fear of prosecution.


We are astounded that this has been allowed to go unchecked for so long and even more astounded that business’s and welfare groups have knowingly participated in this illegal and immoral practice whilst presenting rescue and welfare images to the public.


We now have members working around the clock to track down and document those who are participating in this illegal trade which has brought so much heartache to the owners of these pet cats and so much pain and suffering  to the cats themselves.


Whilst manning Cat Alliance booths I have been approached by people who breed rabbits and belong to a rabbit club.  They tell me they and other members have permanent traps set in the roofs of their rabbit sheds and they catch and destroy cats on a regular basis one man has been setting traps since 1998.  In fact one man said he had a letter from a ranger permitting him to do this because the ranger was tired of coming out to his calls.  This is coupled with another story told to me by a lady who breeds birds, saying that three households in a row have set cat traps for years and drown the cats -  microchipped, tagged, registered or not - in wheelie bins.

When reporting this to the various authorities I was told that they have no objections to people setting cat traps and that unless I can provide proof they would not be pursuing the matter; this is why we have decided to pursue this matter ourselves. This attitude by authorities is why people are forced into “do yourself trapping” with no experience or expertise with trapping and outrageous advice on how to dispose of the cat ends in disastrous consequences for the cats.

Only yesterday I was told by a ranger that a lady had trapped a cat and had enclosed the trap in plastic to suffocate the cat but 5 hours later the cat was still alive so she rang a ranger to ask “how long will it take”. The ranger although totally shocked allowed the lady to bring in the cat and trap without prosecution. They did this to save the cats life but it does nothing to stop illegal trapping and allow the hundreds of cats not handed in each day to die a slow painful death in the hands of these vigilantes.

What can a cat owner do to stop this cruelity to their family pets.

1) be vigilant for any signs of trapping within your neighborhood and report it to your local ranger or your local police. If not action is take contact us with the details by phone: 95241398 or email caa@iinet.net.au.

2) if you come across any cruelity acts being carried out on cats or trapped cats in cages take a video or take a friend as a witness and call the rspca, police, cat haven or your local ranger and again if you do not get a response contact us at the above contacts..

3) advise us of any outlet selling cat traps and we wil ask them to cease the sales or we will name them on our website so cat owners have a choice to use their services or go to another cat friendly store. 

With your participation we can put a holt to this inhumane and cruel practices.

Christine Yurovich


Cat Alliance of Australia Inc






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