Direct donations can be made via bank transfer or direct debit

Cat Alliance of Australia Inc at Bankwest BSB 306172 Account 0022512

All donations are tax deductable

We are currently looking for the arty and crafty who make cat toys, jewellery and beding or products to do with cats to donate their time and expertise to making things to sell at our crafts stall to help raise funds for our spay Clinic .

We also need you to find locations for us to put our charity collection tins like your corner store, pet shop or workplace.

We are also looking for those who fancy themselves as Chefs to help at our sausage sizzle on weekends in most areas. Please email us at caa@iinet.net.au or phone Chris on 95241398



We are looking to Corporate sponsorship and donations of money and equipment to build a mobile veterinary spay and neuter clinic by the end of 2013 The Spay Shuttle program will operate with the support of the veterinary profession to provide low-cost high-volume desexing to communities around Western Australia. The clinic will also offer low cost desexing for dogs.  We hope you will support our fundraising initiatives in the coming year.

We hope to raise:

1. $250,000 to build a mobile clinic with the capacity for 3 surgery tables and treatment/surgical preparation facilities.

2. $50,000 for the first year of operations and towards developing and printing community education and information materials to facilitate the Spay Shuttle Clinics.

3. For medical/surgery equipment including consumables like sutures and gauze.

In the US, low cost desexing clinics have dramatically decreased euthanasia rates from 17 million in 1980 to 4.5 million in 1995.



We are looking for funding to produce information brochures to hand out to the public and to produce a DVD on education and information to school children.



 TO Cat Alliance of Australia Inc

Bankwest BSB 306172 Account 0022512







Alternatively, donations can be sent to:

  1. Cat Alliance of Australia Inc, 537 St. Albans Road, Baldivis WA 6171
  2. Direct debit to : Cat Alliance of Australia Inc. Bankwest BSB306 172 account 0022512









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