Schemes offering subsidised desexing of cats are available to pensioners and low income families. Firstly, enquire with your local council about any such programs as several WA local councils like Bunbury City Council offer pet desexing coupons to their residents. Your local vet can also offer assisted desexing via the Ruby Benjamin Foundation. A number of Cat Welfare groups as listed below also provide financial assistance to pensioners and lower income families.


Assistance with Desexing



Hanly Vets

9459 5595

2020 Albany Highway Maddington


Manning Vets

9450 368618 Bradshaw Cres Manning


Pinjarra Vets

9531 1555

PO Box 161



Swan Vets

9274 1845

Sun 9:30 – 11am14 Runyon Road Midvale


Karrinyup Small Animal Hospital

Sun 9 - 12455 North Beach Road Gwelup

9447 4644


Ruby Benjamin Animal Foundation

9343 0142Perth, Busselton, Esperance and Geraldton $35 subsidy$35 subsidyNeed conc. card, or have rescued the cat or dog

Dogs also

10am to 1pm Mon - Wed


National Desexing Network

1300 368 992Includes Bunbury, Dardanup, Gidgegannup, Leeming and Maddington. Subsidy (amount varies between vets)Subsidy

(amount varies between vets)Need concession card Dogs also



Local Councils

Ask your local Council

Bayswater, Cockburn, Fremantle, Melville, South Perth, Stirling,

Victoria Park, Vincent and Bunbury.SubsidySubsidySome require conc card Dogs also


Cat Haven

9442 360023 Lemnos St

Shenton Park


If you have a female cat that is over 4 months old, please be aware that your cat is old enough to become pregnant, so please speak with your vet about early desexing.

If you are a holder of a disability, health care or pension card you can get assistance to desex your cat by contacting one of the venues above.:


Some Councils have a subsidies desexing program so please ring your local council.

If you still are having difficulty getting your cat sterilised please contact us on 9524 1398.

It is common for people to believe that because they have a male cat they are not required or it is not necessary to sterilise him. This is not true and it is the male cats that cause neighbourhood disputes through marking and fighting over female cats. 


Get help to desex your neighbourhood's stray cats

If you know of breeding stray cats at your workplace or in your neighborhood and would like to do something about it, contact the Cat Sterilization Society or Cat Haven. These volunteer organisations may not be able to provide direct assistance immediately due to resource constraints; but they have knowledge, experience and support networks to assist you.

Also check out www.communitycats.com.au for answers to your "secret cat".


Educate neighbors with roaming non-desexed pet cats

Educate your neighbors and friends about cat overpopulation and persuade and help them to do the right thing to either keep their cat confined to their premises or get their cat desexed. No owned cat should contribute to the problem. This pamphlet can be downloaded and printed from the Cat Alliance of Australia website. (see below)

Cat enclosures are the best solution if you own a cat. It not only saves you money in vet bills as a roaming cat is 99% sure to end up costing you money at the vets or the heartache of being run over or worse still being trapped and killed so do everyone a favour especially yourself and build an enclosure.

some commercial cat enclosures:


Ausnet Email: heath@ausnetindustries.com  93311955 Address 9 Rees Street Oconnor wa 6163. cost effective portable enclosures.  http://petpadz.com.au/  http://www.facebook.com/pages/OConnor-Australia/Petpadz/163506590327408
Catmax website: www.catmax.com.au call 1300306605 email: reception@catmax.com.au
Oscillot email: info@oscillot.com.au website www.oscillot.com.au phone 0885724471

Or simply call your local handy man to come and quote to enclose part of your patio or side of your house or search the website for ideas of how simple and inexpensive it is to DIY.


Are you feeding a semi owned cat

 If you are feeding a cat that doesn't belong to you but visits you for its feed or lives on your property you should either take full responsibility for it by making sure that it is desexed or hand it over to a cat welfare group.  If you want to keep it but can't afford to have it desexed contact one of the groups listed above for information on what options are available to you. 

If you have a nuisance cat please contact the Cat Haven as they have qualified rangers that will assist with catching, identifying and if unowned rehoming the cat. Do not hire cat traps yourself as you will leave yourself open to possible heavy fines and jail time if you catch and injure, or even worse accidently kill, an owned cat. Rangers can assist and are not expensive.

New an innovative program called "Have you got a secret cat" has all the answers on website www.communitycats.com.au make sure you check it out if you are feeding a "secret cat".


Assistance with found cats or kittens:

If you have found a cat or kitten there are three steps to take:

  1. Notify your council ranger services as most have lost and found register
  2. Ring your local vets within a 20 kilometre radius and register with them
  3. If the cat/kitten is friendly and you can hold them for a week put up notice around your area and advertise in the local paper (lost and found are free in most local papers).
  4. Facebook Perth Pets - lost and found. This facebook site has hundreds of lost and found animals.
  5. Perth Cats Needing homes can advertise it and rehome from your place direct.

If you can't hold the cat/kitten please ring one of the Cat Charities below for further information and assistance:

Cat Haven:  94423600 or website: http://www.cathaven.com.au

9lives: 0409587240 - non kill shelter - www.9livescatrescue.com.au (non kill shelter)

Safe: Perth  Phone: 0437 870 245 Website: www.safeperth.com.au (non kill shelter)

Rainbow Bridge : 94342243  Bibra Lake (non kill shelter)

Animal Protection society - Telephone 9398 6616  Southern River - Open seven days a week from 10am to 3pm www.animalprotectionsociety.westnet.com.au

Safe: Karratha Phone: (08) 91854634 Website: www.safe.asn.au

Safe : Port Hedland Phone: 0400 244 305  
Sam: Albany Phone 0416466251

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Pet Adoption & Welfare Services Phone: 90918773

Kalgoorlie: KB Paws shelter facilities 0429425223  

Benotto - Bunbury - 0410343413 - for assistance with nuisance and training cats

WA Animal Rescue : 0405 164 598 Kenwick WA email:becciestar@hotmail.com

 WEB: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=161490752060#!/group.php?gid=102309459819689

 Lost Souls Animal Rescue - 0405559238

Perth Pets in Need - 04051164598

Zero Animal Rescue

If you are looking to add a cat (or dog) to your family please consider first those above who  have rescued cats, kittens and dogs will most certainly be able to help you selected an abandoned or preloved kitty who will be desexed . You can also find that perfect preloved pet on Petrescue.com.au

We do not encourage you buying kittens or cats from the papers, backyard breeders or petshop unless they are sterilised and microchipped as this only contributing to the thousand of cats and kittens being euthanised each year.

If you are looking to support the rescue groups of Perth you can find you next kitten or cat on facebook



lost a cat (or dog)

Prior to anything else follow the following 7steps.  

Contact: 1)Your local ranger 2) Vets in your area 3) Put out leaflets at local stores with photo 4) door knock 5) register with lost and found at shelters like Cat Haven. 6) put advert in lost and found in papers.(these are normally free) Websites like Gum tree are also free. 7) Spread the word via face book one such site is:

Log onto facebook page and search for your dog or cat http://www.facebook.com/#!/petsofperth


For more information on how you can help, click here to download our cat brochure.  


looking for your new best friend make sure you check out PETRESCUE http://www.petrescue.com.au/





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