when dealing with rental and sold properties, it should be ensured that the cats that are owned by the previous renter or owner are settled as part of the property.


Cat Alliance of Australia Inc (CAA) field on average four calls per day from people who have bought or rented a property and find that they have been left with unwanted cats and mostly with kittens.


Abandonment of animals is an offence under the animal act and the name and address of the people who have abandoned the cats should be reported to the RSPCA if for no other reason than to stop this from happening again. The agent should then ring one of the groups listed on our website under the “Can we help you” button to get someone from a rescue group to collect the cat/s or have them delivered to them.


Because a cat is a “chattel” it should be dealt with under the normal procedures of sale of a property and in a rental case if they have left cat/s/kittens behind the rescue and re homing of that cat should be included in the settlement of that property and its owners/tenants.


We are currently putting down 13,000 cats and kittens per year here in Western Australia. A large portion of these come from a situation where cats have been left behind in a rental or purchased property. These abandoned cats may have already bred enhancing the problem for rescue agents having to spend a large amount of funding and time to collect these cats. More often than not these cats are to be euthanized. If the cats were reported and funding from settlement of the property etc was to accompany a cat, then that cat could have the grace of time to be cared for by a foster carer or animal rescue centre until it can be re homed. The cat would then be de sexed so that it cannot add to the enormous number of homeless cats.




If you are feeding an abandoned cat take responsibility for that cat


Abandoned cats will always colonize around food sources whether that be overflowing or unsealed bins at the back of a shopping centre or personnel feeding stays at the back door. Nobody wants to see a animal in distress or staving but this single act of kindness can result in huge mass euthanasia if you do not take full responsibilities in your act of kindness and that is.

1) Make sure that your semi owned cat is desexed. Vets will desex  feral and semi feral cats if you trap them and take them in. You can then continue to take care of your cat in a responsible way.


2) if you do not want to make this committment do not let the cat breed out of control as one/two cats can turn to 48 cats within 15 months. So please humanely  trap the cat and take it to a vet or rescue centre where it will be checked for a microchip and assessed for suitability for rehoming. The cat will in all probability be ethanised but if left to breed you will end up having an authority do it for you and then you will be having 48 cats/kittens plus to be euthanised. A most horrific job for any rescue centre.


What the video below to see how you can control a semi owner or feral colony at your work place.




If you only have one or two cats consider making them an office cat as seen in this video below.






The source of many a horror story of gassing, baiting and shooting of feral and stray cats on mine sites.


As much as people do not like to be told that all creatures are part of our environment and being selective to whom we extend our protection to is optional it is not and all animals are protected against cruelity.


We encourage Mining companies to introduce Trap Neuter and Return to contol cat colony's that congregate around a mine site. It has been long documented over decades that kiling a cat will not solve a conceived cat problem. I say conceived because cats are not a problem to the enviroment they are the opposite and once they had become a intrinsic part of the landscape you cannot extract one species without letting loose another. This is also well documented. Baiting creates secondary killing and is indiscriminant, inhumane and after over 60 years has done nothing to reduce number in feral cats, foxes, rabbits and rat populations. That is because the predatory and breeding cycles are interlinked and you cannot destroy an animal that can breed faster than you can kill.


What is Trap, Neuter and Return. Watch the short video below.




To maintain a colony of feral cats that will support the area for mice, rat and rabbit populations

without causing the vacuum effect feral cats are trapped desexed and health checked then ear

tipped and put back.

Ear tipping is for ease of identification and for control of a conlony so that when a new

cat joins the colony it can be easily identified and desexed and health checked. Please remember 

like all animals feral cats will only breed to the food source so for industrial and mining sites please

remember to be consious of how you manage and dispose of food waste.

Killing cats has no benefit or inpact on wildlife or environment. Claims that it does

if false and a waste of taxpayers money.

























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