We are looking for new members


If you want to become a new member please send us an email at caa@iinet.net.au providing you Name, Address and whether you wish to assist with fund raising or become an active member of our mobile clinic.



Cat Alliance of Australia Inc is a charity and to continue our good work

We are in need of members to help us in our endeavours and to educate

And inform the public.



Fees to be paid annually and due on June 30th each year.

Family  $50

Single   $25

Pensioner/Student $10

Life Member - $150


Email to: caa@iine.net.au (copy and paste onto email)

or print and send to:

Cat Alliance of Australia Inc

537 St. Albans Road BALDIVIS WA 6171

Phone: 95241398


I/we wish to join CAA as a ___________________________Member




I/we wish to pay our annual fees as a__________________Member





                       METHOD OF PAYMENT

Cheque              Bankcard                 Visa                 Mastercard

Card no:_______  _______  ______  ______ Expiry date________

Signature of card holder:__________________________________

Membership Fee    $______________________________________



Payment can be made online by going to our donation tab and making your payment via Paypal it is easy just follow the prompts.






We are looking for volunteers in the following capacities:


  1. Volunteers to help man our stores at weekend markets and expos in all areas. 
  2. Website construction.
  3. Marketing and media personal.  
  4. Legal profession.




If you are able to assist please send us an email with your name, contact and times you will be available to caa@iinet.net.au. or phone 95241398




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