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Meet our team


Christine Yurovich - President

Christine contributes a stubborn streak and a can do attitude to being brought up as a child on a wheat and sheep farm. These were tough times but gave Christine a wealth of hands-on knowledge of all kinds of animal husbandry and mangement including the feral and barnyard cat. Christine said in those days you were your own vet so lots of needles, cotton and tar. Cats had an important role to play and there were always lots fo cats in the haystacks and wool sheds. No kitekat for these cats, it was mice or nothing.

With a background in business Christine, since the age of 19, has held management positions in a plethora of industries including construction, recruitment, mining, busines consulting and catering with a local and international operations. Christine has also set up and operated her own businesses including a Chinese restaurant, coffee shop, video shop and farming of stud cattle. Christine took up the fight for Air Quality and Pollution in the Kwinana industrial strip for over 15 years that was instrumental to introducing air quality monitoring and mangement process and regulations. Christine has spent the last 8 years running a 5 star cattery in Baldivis.


Liddell Williamson - Secretary

Liddell has held various volunteer positions at Cat haven since 2005, and was elected to the committee of managemnt in January 2007. Last year, she co-ordinated Cat haven's petition to State Parliament for improved cat welfare in WA, and has been an active member of the Cat Control Consultation Committee. This year being elected to position of Secretary.

The Cat Welfare Society(WA) inc. trading as Cat haven, is the state's foremost cat welfare organisation. Cat Haven was established in 1961 with the mission of "enhancing cat welfare by caring for cats in need and assisting people to live in harmony with cats", and as such, its policy is to never say no to any cat in need. Cat haven euthanises over 7000 to 9000 cats it takes in every year.

Among other services, Cat haven provides "No cost, No guilt' surrender of cats, 24 hours a day, every dayof the year; an adoption service; a lost and found regiter; discount sterilisation and veterinary servies for low-income earners; the only ranger service exclusively for cats in australia; a service for boarding the pets of people escaping domestic violence; and over-th phone advice for people seeking help with any cat-related questions or problems.

These services have developed becuase of community demand for them, and many are provided free of charge. Cat haven receives no government support of any kind.


Joan Tan - Treasurer

Bachelor of Arts degree.


Eric Yeoh - Projects

Masters degree in Law and Vet Science degree.

Veterinary liasison to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter and CARES

An escaped lawyer, Eric has just completed a Veterinary Degree at Murdoch University. Eric will tell you he took a somewhat scenic route from law school to vet schoolworking in retail and publishing, IT and venture-capitalism along the way.  Eric's work with animal welfare has been with the Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter in Singapore and Malaysia. His passion for the work is the reaon he returned to school. Since 2003, there has been a renewed urgency to address cat control, welfare and managemnt issues in Singapore. This was largely in response to a massive cat culling program that year due to public concerns about public health during the SARS outbreak. This is now the 6 th year that the Agricultural and Veterinary Austhority, Singaporean veterinarians, and welfare  organisations like Noah's Ark have collaborated to conduct TNR programs across the island to help prvent a recurrence of the 2003 feline tragedy, Noah's Ark launched Project CatSnip in Malaysia in 2007. In less than a year, Project CatSnip has grown from strength to strength and won the generous support of the community, local authorities and State Govenment.


Michelle Williamson - PR and Advertising






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