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Our Mission:

  • Facilitating constructive dialogue and collaboration for the betterment of cat welfare and management issues in western australia.
  • In Australia, hundreds of thousands of cats are killed every year. Shelters and local councils are so overwhelmed that they are often unable to offer support to people who find a stray cat.
  • Cat Alliance of Australia Inc aims to fill this gap in current resources by offering support and advice to the community, information on humane cat control programs and partnerships with compassionate veterinarians to offer high volume, low cost cat de-sexing.
  • By using modern techniques, empowering cat lovers and collaborating with like-minded organisations, we are able to mentor the community in managing their cat populations in humane and effective ways.
  • Elevate the status of cats in the community and promote the welfare of both owned and un owned cats.
  • Save lives by making affordable cat de sexing easily accessible to the community
  • Decrease the amount of homeless cats in shelters through increased awareness, education and preventative management.
  • Suppor a collaborative approach between shelters, rescue organisations, Local Council Animal Management Departments and veterinarians, and facilitate the sharing of information by these groups.


Our Vision:


  • To dramatically reduce the number of unsterilized cat thus reducing the number of cats/kittens being euthanised each year.
  • To see all animal shelters become non kill shelters through de sexing being the number one priority and goal of all concerned in the animal welfare industry.


Our Future Goal:


  • To build and operate desexing bus to travel to area's that have the need for a mobile desexing clinic.
  • To build and operate a mobile clinic for emergency on hand treatment for distaster area should the need arise.





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