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Cat Alliance of Australia Inc was born out of the realisation that cat welfare and management here in Western Australia and in fact the whole of Australia had fallen some 30 years behind similar welfare and management groups in other parts of the world. Australia's approach was diversified and disjointed with various welfare groups and identities working without the knowledge or the support of their associates.

Cat welfare and management had progressed in leaps and bounds overseas yet Australia being isolated and disjointed had made no real headway with no real solutions to the cat overpopulation and euthanasia problems.

Cat Alliance wants to bring Australia in line with the rest of the world with Trap, Neuter and Return and real solutions to the cat overpopulation and euthanisia with desex and microchipping.  We are working towards a desexing bus that will enable low cost desexing for all cats including the semi domestic and feral cats living within the community.

Most importantly Cat Alliance is working through its yearly symposiums to unify and consolidate the various groups to work towards the same goals and to help educate and move forward these ideas and beliefs to the community at large.


 Joe Francis MLA addressing the Cat Welfare and Management Symposium 2009 on cat laws for western australia

Joe Francis MLA Addressing Symposium

2009 on new cat laws for Western Australia.

Tim Lane WALGA addressing Symposium

on Councils position on cat welfare and 



For viewing on videos of the complete series of symposium's to date please go to "Symposium" button scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "click here" for the year you require.




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